Learn to Lock the Dynamic Lock Windows 10 computer automatically

Dynamic Lock is one of the latest features announced in Windows 10 Creators Update release held in the month of April of this year that facilitate your Windows computers to get locked automatically when you leave it untouched for some time.

This feature is very well developed and designed for the people working in public space, leaving with roommates or those who don’t want anyone to access the data of your computer.

Below are the steps to access the Dynamic Lock:


  1. In the Start Menu, select settings option after clicking the gear icon on your computer.
  2. Press and select Devices.
  3. To add Bluetooth or other devices, press the “+” button but before that make sure that the Bluetooth is in on state.
  4. Press the Bluetooth icon.
  5. Select the preferred device and rest till the mobile phone or the computer pairs. Depending on the phone or system you are using,you might have to accept one or two prompt for completion of the pairing process.
  6. Now, In the Settings menu firstly hit the back button and then choose Accounts.
  7. After this, from the left panel choose Sign-in options.
  8. At last, scroll down towards Dynamic Lock and verify the box that Allow Windows to lock the device automatically as soon as it senses your absence around the device.

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