Road trip to Leh - Ladakh

Ever since I had visited the so called magical place of the world, Ladakh in 2015, only I know how much I desperately want to visit this place again in search for the pieces of my soul. Since, then I have written so many articles over Ladakh just to re-live those beautiful moments spent in this region. Now again after visiting in April 2016, I feel the same. “Ladakh is indeed a one of its kind and it simply cannot be replaced, ever!!”… For me, it has become like an annual pilgrimage that I had to undertake once a year for the rest of my life.

My mantra of the trip was to explore the remotest parts of the place; this can only be possible if you are travelling on your own vehicle. Two wheelers are highly recommended. Travelling from Delhi through bike on rent in Delhi via RentSetGo was the most amazing adventure of my life. Time and again if given an opportunity, I would visit Ladakh by availing RentSetGo’s bike on rent in Delhi and relish the fresh air and the scenic beauty. Also, riding a Bullet Classic all the way to Chilling and Basgo was something that I will remember for a long time.

There were four others along with me who decided to take up the challenge and explore Ladakh on two wheels, each one coming from different city to ultimately meet up at Ladakh. Glacier View Guest House was the place where we had booked the rooms. We had our own vehicles but instead decided to relive the moments spent on bullet and took different models of bullets on rent. As we had a pleasant experience with RentSetGo in the past, we decided to go for their services this time as well.

We opted for bike on rent in Manali, bike on rent in Mumbai, bike on rent in Pune, bike on rent in Delhi and bike on rent in Bangalore. I wouldn’t say that it was a cake walk; in fact most parts of the roads are at the altitudes of 13,000 feet and above. Also the number of miles that can be covered depends upon the weather conditions and the capacity of the riders to take up the challenge of staying on foot under such difficult conditions. And that’s where the benefits of bike on rent come into play. And I must say, bike on rent to Manali through Rent Set Go was probably the best decision we ever took.

Overall, our journey comprised of some of the most awe-inspiring, challenging and breath taking landscapes to be found on earth. Through years Himalayan trips have been a constant tourist attractions leaving an ever lasting impression on the lives of the few lucky individuals who have gotten the opportunity to travel this remote region.