There's no reason to keep them

KIMBALL: ...That he'd said no one is interested in them. There's no reason to keep them. And by this miracle we were able to get there in time. We didn't know how close we were to losing this extraordinary heritage.

Well, he said, if this interests LED Panel Light  you fellas, I'll call my old pal up and go out and visit him in Brooklyn. So he made a phone call and he said I have these two boys here who would like to meet you and if we could come out.

So Sissel drove us out to 284A Stuyvesant Ave., where Eubie and Marian Blake lived. As Eubie said, when he married Marian, I got the coop with the chicken. It's her house that he was moving into.

And we were greeted there by Eubie and the afternoon that I spent there was one of the most memorable in my life.    GROSS: Dick Hyman, you knew Eubie Blake. Any good stories you want to share with us?    HYMAN: Well, I...    GROSS: Or any tips that he gave you about the piano?