4 Benefits For International Graduates Pursuing Professional Year In Engineering

Are you an overseas engineering graduate in Australia aiming to enhance your skills and employability? As an engineering graduate, you need to increase your practical skills and knowledge besides your qualification to be eligible for jobs. Increase your skill sets through the Professional Year In Engineering to be eligible for the competitive Australian market. It is a 44-week program which sharpens theoretical knowledge and practical skills with hands-on experience. Thus, it is an important pathway of getting an engineering job in the Australian market.


Similarly, international IT graduates can also get employment in the Australian market joining the program. The Professional Year in IT also helps graduates to prepare for the local market during the formal and internship training with a local company.


Apart from that, here are four benefits enjoy by graduates in PY program-


A form of internship: - The program itself serves as an internship for international students. It broadens the technical skill sets of the students learnt during college days. Students, right after the program would be the best choice for employers since they have acquired the required skills sought by employers. It prepares the candidates well and acts as a pathway into the Australian job market.


It familiarises the overseas students with work environment: - It is important for soon-to-work aspirants to be fully acclimatised with the Australian work environment. And this program is the perfect way to gain it.


A way to enlarge your social circle: - A professional would always look for professionals of his field which is important to gain or expand knowledge or one’s expertise. So, you will meet many peers and industry leading professionals which extend your network relevant to your occupation.


Gain 5 extra points for PR: - If you’re a permanent residency visa aspirant, it will help you to move towards realising your dream by getting five migration points after completing the program successfully.


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