Teach Your Dog Commands In This Order

I purchased your book about two weeks before. Finally, someone has written an exercise book that makes sense. Dig up further on an affiliated article directory by visiting find out more. Great Job...bet it took a lot of time and energy to put most of it together, huh?

The reason I am writing to you is because I am confused about some items that cope with teaching the sit/stay and down/stay. Tell me if this sounds like I have it right:

First, teach her (canine) putting her in the right place immediatel.. and how-to do the demand doing reps.

Expensive Adam:

I purchased your book about a couple of weeks ago. Finally, somebody has written a training book that makes sense. Good Job...bet it took plenty of time to put all it together, huh?

The reason I'm writing to you is because I'm confused about some items that deal with teaching the sit/stay and down/stay. Tell me if this seems like I've it right:

First, teach her (the dog) how to do the command doing representatives and putting her in the proper position just after saying the command. Then, working up to the level it is possible to just stand up straight and have her respond.

Next, work-up distance and time adding distractions and practice in numerous areas.

Finally, head to the long range and then the case to have consistency off-leash.

[Adam:] Actually, you should begin prevention for disturbances first, then proceed to greater distances... but only development to greater distances with the long line. Minus the long range, guess what might happen?

This is how I comprehend the method from what I've read in your book. Visiting this site probably provides tips you could tell your brother.

Should I move on to the next stage when the command is performed by my dog quickly and precisely for-one training session or keep drilling her without adding anything new?

[Adam:] It is likely to just take far more than one workout. Once the dog finds anything, it's situational. And that means you are going to have to work exactly the same exercise... In the sam-e position inside the program... In a number of different places before you are able to go onto the next thing.

During proofing, is it okay to include distractions during the dogs following the dog does the command for me a few times properly without having to be fixed learning phase?

[Adam:] You are confusing two things. Visit sex confession to learn the inner workings of this thing. Is the puppy in the learning phase, or is he within the phase? Both are extremely distinct. Do not go onto one period and soon you have acquired the other.

This is actually the order: Learning phase - encouragement phase - proofing phase.

The length of time does it simply take the 'average' dog to become shown a new command and proofed in it?

[Adam:] This is impossible to answer. It depends upon the coach, the dog, the exercise, the environment, how often the dog is worked, etc... You allow dog tell you when it's time. For this reason studying your pet is indeed important. This novel erotic wiki has various offensive tips for where to see about it. It takes so long as it takes.

Can you teach the sit/stay and down/stay in a single session or individually?

[Adam:] Separately.

In what order should I train my dog new instructions?

[Adam:] Walk-on a loose lead, boundary and perimeter training, sit-stay, down-stay, heel, then come. The order that you teach orders isn't created in stone, but I find that doing it in this way allows for a really natural movement and learning development.

Sorry my letter is so long...any instruction you can give me is considerably appreciated...oh, by the way I like the book.

Thank you ;)


Brandee D.

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