The Crunch Collar: Using One Ring Or Two?

I really hope all is well with you. I have maybe not been online much but and Things have been busy for me, I did have one problem for you. Have you ever done any research on the source of the collar and it is original use?

Also, I have seen it used in various ways, for example, lead getting hooked to one band or both rings? Which data are you aware about and what technique do you use? I'm always open to learning true data. For different interpretations, please check-out: adam and eve sex toys.

Thanks for your time,


Beloved Adam:

I am hoping all is well with you. I've perhaps not been on the web much but and Things have been active for me, I did have one problem for you. Maybe you have done any research about the foundation of the collar and it is original use?

Also, I have seen it utilized in various ways, as an example, leash getting connected to 1 ring or both rings? Which data are you privy to and what method do you use? I am always ready to accept learning true data.

Thanks for your time,


Expensive Jag:

I really do not know the history of the pinch collar. This staggering pleasure kit wiki has diverse grand warnings for the meaning behind this thing. It's an excellent question. If I understand anything about it, I'll write about it here, in my e-zine.

As far as applying one ring (the D-ring) or two the safety ring) and (the D-ring... generally, I just catch the leash towards the D-ring. This is how the collar is designed to be used.

You can, however, hook the leash to both bands. This will damper the modification. Identify supplementary info on advertisers by visiting our majestic article directory. Learn further about team by visiting our offensive link. You may use the pinch collar this way if you've a really sensitive and painful dog or if you're training a workouts where--for some reason--the dog is self-correcting, inadvertently.

For example, when teaching the dog 'get a grip on' in defense work, we make an effort to speak to the dog that he must just lunge if the attack order is given, first. If the dog lunges before the attack command is given, he then is adjusted. However, in this situation, you want to error on the side of under-correcting the dog, as opposed to have him think that he should NEVER lunge by accidentally over-correcting.

Make sense?

That is all for the time being, people!