SEO Career Opportunities

Internet Advertising & Marketing - The safest bet for job seekers! The current scenario of the Indian economy has been characterized by optimistic growth and growth Fundamentals. The sharp change in the world economy has certainly affected the Indian economy as well Feel the crunch in every industry today. The main problem of concern is the unemployment".

Existing employees are invited to leave and new recruits must wait to get the latest call. The Unhappy fiasco Satyam has jeopardized the future of all its employees. With the current state of the industry, Need time is that job seekers update their skills by learning new ones Technologies that this will increase Their knowledge and also prepare them for emerging opportunities.

The current scenario will create more opportunities for jobseekers in areas other than Organizations adopt "Low cost and maximum efficiency" methods. One of the methods used by organizations is Internet Advertising and marketing, known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Many organizations Industries are banking on this method because of its cost-effective nature and the ability to provide higher yields.

Here are the benefits of internet advertising on traditional advertising -

1. Measurable

2. Interactive

3. Global Audience

4. Cheaper


With so many advantages, SEO has gained tremendous importance in recent years and should become a Trillion of dollar industry by 2010. The situation of Microsoft and Yahoo is the best example for Support this fact. Little A few months ago there was a war situation, where the giant Microsoft software wanted to buy Yahoo. Although the case did not cross, but what needs to be seen is that an industry leader like Microsoft was offering for another company. The reason - they wanted to compete with the main search engine - Google. They saw the Power of Internet advertising and therefore wanted to capitalize on the same by acquiring Yahoo.

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