Goldilocks Sees the Ideal Latex Mattress to Restore Her 35-Year Old Latex Bed!

Unlike the story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," before she found that the 3rd bed was perfect on her where Goldilocks tried resting on two bedrooms -- my nickname is Goldilocks, but this is not a fairytale. This is my tough research to discover a replacement, and a TRUE HISTORY once I ordered my first mattress about finding my ideal latex mattress 40 years back.



I used to babysit our neighbor's children while growing up. When she realized I'd gotten engaged, she welcomed me to her home one-day to recommend a latex mattress is purchased by me like hers. She pulled the sheets off her king-size mattress so that she can show me how the mattress had not sagged, and pointed out how the sides and sides were firm after an extraordinary period of time. I hope I really could remember the precise amount of years she'd told me that she and her husband had been employing their mattress, but I actually do remember that as a result of her little display, I realized that I needed to get a latex mattress much like it although I later discovered that it would cost me about twice what the typical 'spring' beds were selling for during the time. I explored the area furniture shops, but could not find this latex mattress anywhere. I recalled that whenever we'd shifted south, my mom had acquired a lot of her furniture at a large furniture store in a nearby town from a merchant. He said that even though store did not share this mattress, he might get it, and I asked him to order a good latex mattress for me personally "SIGHT UNSEEN."


Even as we became older my husband and I slept well without experiencing any cramps or pains, and we somewhat feature our freedom from medication along with the a healthy body we enjoy to this latex bed! It wasn't until concerning the 33rd year when we pointed out that the cover wore out and exposing the latex in a few areas, thus we basically put it in a mattress cover. Whenever we started seeing minor loose and body indentations, this worked properly before 34th year. We then started our research to get another latex mattress like it. I searched online for the same latex mattress company, but was disappointed to find out that they'd closed their opportunities. A friend suggested we search for with a tiny, regional mattress company in our place whose household have been making beds for 3 generations. I needed to be certain that he may supply the same latex as that of our latex mattress. I told the dog owner its manufacturer's title, and that I remember him saying, "All latex is the same." Having ordered three mattresses inside a 3-year time, I believe I'm qualified to report: ALL latex isn't exactly the same!

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