How to Become a SharePoint Architect

How to Become a SharePoint Architect

Microsoft SharePoint tasks can be categorized as administrators, developers, and architects. A regular person may not immediately understand what a SharePoint "architect" is doing. By definition, an architect designs an infrastructure and in SharePoint, this fact remains true. A SharePoint Architect does not perform any technical role, but must have a thorough knowledge of all aspects involved in managing SharePoint. The architect is the one who governs the use of all Microsoft tools and technologies and participates in the planning and deployment of SharePoint.

There are also different types of architects, there is one that deals with infrastructure. He is responsible for selecting the required server types and network infrastructure. A solution architect is one who selects from among all the functionalities of the Microsoft tools, the functionalities and the appropriate solutions for a given task. A corporate architect looks at management tools and finds the right staff needed for a job - who has the right software skills.

Being an architect does not really need a specialization in one area, you need to know everything. You need a wide range of knowledge. You need to become a 'jack of all trades, none master', that kind of thing. The job is to find out everything that is out there and looking for all the options available in the connectivity services you can try. Decision-making skills are necessary and to make an informed decision you must know everything. This work is not about creating or writing codes to solve a problem, it's about using what's already out there. Because of this general knowledge requirement, you do not have to come from a specialized field if you want to become an architect.


Here is a basic list of things a SharePoint architect should possess:

·         Extensive knowledge of SharePoint and its components. This would mean understanding IIS, SQL Server, DNS / WNS, TCP / IP, firewall, IT, hardware, troubleshooting, HTML, email, storage, ADO.NET, etc.

·         Understand all the features of SharePoint, what it can do, what you can achieve through customization, and what are its limitations.

·         Knowledge of all SharePoint licenses required for a specific task or advanced functionality.

·         Good understanding of all solutions such as publishing, community portal, search portal, dashboard portal, Internet and extranet collaboration, process management, document and document management, mobile solutions And Web 2.0 solutions.

·         Knowledge of AD, MOM, WAN, antivirus management, Dev, MIIS and migration.


You also need to be certified if you want a higher salary and better recruitment. The exam is called Microsoft Certified Architect. To be qualified to pass the exam, they will review your portfolio of all the previous activities that you have performed. Once you have succeeded, you will have to make a presentation of the board. The Board will be composed of MCAs and SMEs. For the presentation itself, you must discuss a case study and answer the questions and answers. All this happens in a long day to better prepare for it.

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