Pastor Bob Welcomed in Accra

Pastor Chris is one of the very cherished pastors in Ghana. He has a wide following who record his sermons and news about his preaching through Pastor Joe On The Internet, which reputation gained him a unique welcome in Accra. This past February, ahead of the parson's trip to the city, the Greater Chris Oyakhilome Accra Regional Police Command decided to block specific roads to allow the pastor a safer intro to the city.

Cops is seeking all drivers to mind these blocks in front of the "Night of Bliss" event and to plan alternate routes. They need to anticipate some Chris Oyakhilome delays in traffic, therefore letting themselves lots of time to reach their destinations Pastor Oyakhilome is vital. Because Friday, the evening the "Night of Enjoyment" will happen, is an incredibly busy day for folks in Ghana, planning delays causes it to be simpler for the city.

Pastor Chris is in Accra because of his "Night of Happiness" celebration that will happen in the Black Star Square, an incredibly well-known and busy place in town. In order to avoid traffic jams along with other problems when the curate makes his method to the square, the police has clogged the Osu traffic-light towards the Cross roads, the 28th February highway at the CEPS Headquarters traffic-light, Celebrity '9 1' route from Osu Cemetery traffic-light to the Black Superstar square, Otoo Kofi Avenue supporting the crossroads and Lokko road,Castle Road, at AU Circle Oyakhilome towards the Statehouse, and Labone Junction towards Osu.

For anyone who follows Pastor Joe On-Line this really is a chance to view the man himself at his finest. Ghana will surely possess a night to remember together with his "Evening of Enjoyment" a-T the Dark Star Oyakhilome Square.

Hundreds are anticipated to attend Chris Oyakhilome the contest, which will start on Friday - Night and certainly will keep on on until Sunday morning. The proceedings is getting people from throughout the region, giving a boost to local businesses like restaurants and hotels. Security has additionally been hiked-up in the roads to ensure Pastor Chris as well as being most of his guests are secure all the time.