Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

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Sadly not everyone enjoys the same life style. There are people who need education, health and sanitation facilities, environmental training and much more. There are innocent handicapped children in Romania waiting for your support. There are people in China who need you to teach English to them. There are biological stations in Ecuador that need you for plant conservation and agroforestry activities... the list is endless. So if you want to teach English overseas or participate in other social service activities, we are here to help you.

Volunteer work is a great way to contribute to the global community. You know that you can also do your bit for their development. This is also a brilliant opportunity to study and understand foreign cultures and customs for your self development.

If you wish to offer help, Global Volunteer Network (GVN) will help you. As a volunteer with us, you can teach English overseas in Shandong Province in China. We will also help you teach English in Nepal and participate in other projects such as environmental awareness and health and sanitation. GVN volunteers also get environmental training in Ecuador.

Environmental training has today become very important to fully understand the inter dependence of humans and nature. More so in this age of global warming and Ozone depletion.

So if you wish to teach English overseas or be part of other projects, we at GVN welcome you. Global Volunteer Network is the brainchild of Colin Salisbury. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, it is a private Non Government Organization (NGO) helping volunteers participate in community service projects. In 2002 GVN helped 240 plus volunteers teach English and do other volunteer work and the number keeps growing.