What Do You need to Know about PTE Exam Australia?

As you know, the Australian government has been accepting PTE score for a range of visa categories of migrants since 2011. Additionally, the score is also used for evaluation of English proficiency skills of non-native candidates before giving admission in local universities of Australia. Over 6000 organisations accept PTE, and this number is increasing steadily. PTE Academic exam is what you need to take to get a certification and submit to the university for admission. The three-hour test contains four sections: writing, reading, speaking, and listening for takers. Hence, taking the test is considered a complete assessment of your skills in the English language.


Apart from that, employers also demand English proficiency skill certificate from non-speakers in Australia before recruitment. This is because English, being an official language, is used at offices and daily activities while staying in Australia. Book the PTE exam Australia online and get the desired certification. Like other English proficiency tests, you need to make a proper preparation following the guidelines to score high or as required in your applications.  


Additionally, aspirants taking the test get numerous benefits which aren’t available in other English tests. Some of the benefits of taking PTE are:


  • Get the exam result within five business days
  • Acquire a secure, trustworthy, and impartial score
  • Book and take test 363 days a year at authorised centres
  • Recognised by thousands of organisations worldwide
  • It is a computer-based exam for candidates


Hence, it is necessary for takers to book the exam after a proper preparation to avoid failing the test.


How to Avail 10% Discount on Booking the Test?


The original price of PTE is $300. Sadly, most of the aspirants need to take the test many times before getting the desired score. It may decrease your confidence and cause financial crisis while taking the exam repeatedly. Use a PTE promo code in booking the test and get 10% discount on the standard price. In this way, you can save money on booking for your test. Buy a voucher from our AECC Global office and schedule your test today.