Chris Oyakhilome - Nigerian Christian minister, author, activist, television personality, relief, and creator of the God Embassy

Back on June 11, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome was appropriately Pastor Chris honored by his alma mater, Ambrose Alli University with a Doctor of Science degree. The reason for this honour was to thank Dr. Oyakhilome for life of benefits and achievement in Chris Oyakhilome the African country. Shortly therefore, Dr. Oyakhilome has been presented Pastor Chris Oyakhilome with yet another brilliant honour: Benson Idahosa University's Doctor of Divinity.

For anyone unfamiliar with Oyakhilome, he's a Nigerian Pastor Oyakhilome Christian minister, writer, activist, television personality, humanitarian, and founder of the God Embassy, a chapel and outreach program situated in Lagos, Nigeria. His lifework has been comprised of giving and helping the folks of Africa. Now, the folks of Africa and the world over, are giving back to the very deserving curate.

The new Doctor of Divinity case, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome continues to shine in a region and world wanting Chris Oyakhilome astar. Occasions including these have started to manifest, illustrating a lifestyle high in good deeds and vision returning full-circle. We excitedly anticipate the long run accomplishments and succeeding and extremely deserving acknowledgement of the ongoing life-work of Dr. Chris Oyakhilome.

The jubilation of the esteemed event were obvious. Cries of joy and tune from attendees gave thanks for the parson. Some attendees stood in amazement, seeing the mythical Oyakhilome for the very first time in person. The climax of the big event was the symbolic outfitting of Oyakhilome in the college ceremonial gown, a gesture of deep court by the institution.

Dr. Benson, BIU's own college chancellor spoke Oyakhilome in excellent reward of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, stating "A prophet is without honour in his own dwelling but we've determined to honor you". Mentor Izevbigie, who is also the university's vice chancellor along with Governor of Edo Pastor Chris Oyakhilome State gladly adorned the ceremony using a many endearing address and homage to Oyakhilome along with his life's work.

The evening services can have been more appropriate and fantastic with this latest honor to the pastor. High-ranking political dignitaries, executives from the college and other educational organizations, BLW directors, university students, and many others formed the occasion participants and attendees. At the center of all the action was the worthwhile, Dr. Chris Oyakhilome.