Therapeutic Potential of Stem Cells

Exploring as well as a commercialization of stem cells for their effective utilization for therapy has been identified as the most attractive medical deal to treat many deadly, degenerative diseases; which have been ultimately noted as incurable through conventional medicine. Considerable information has so far been collected through extensive research and clinical studies for the past decade; however still lot of information is yet in a nutshell that needs to be unfolded, in order to reach this alternative therapeutic option to people.

Stem cells treatments are primary focus of the science of regeneration. They are the vital cells of our body, with the capacity to multiply unlimited times, in order to maintain their number; moreover these stem cells have the ability to differentiate into cells of multiple origin that have been lost through normal wear and tear of the body. Stem cells on the contrary are the first cells to appear after fertilization during eight celled blastula stage. These stem cells are known as embryonic stem cells and have the highest potential to develop into entire human being outside the body. These cells undergo multiple cells divisions, giving rise to different multifunctional organs, such as heart, muscles, liver, etc. While forming these organs, stem cells maintain their number as a reserved quota by being dormant in the niche for rest of the life; and hence can be isolated from these underutilized sources, such as bone marrow, fat, etc.

The therapeutic potential of stem cells has been exploited through scientific innovation and technological up gradation. Once thought as a miracle is now practically possible through isolation of stem cells from various abundant autologous sources, such as adipose tissues, bone marrow, etc. These cells are isolated under controlled condition and are enriched through various points of care technologies. Once these stem cells are targeted back at the site of injury; they secrete specific growth factors and other immunoglobulines, which will help in speedy creation of microenvironment. The microenvironment will help in regeneration, rejuvenation as well as functional restoration of the organ. Moreover the combinational treatment approach with different types of stem cells from different sources, such as mesenchymal stem cells and hematopoietic stem cells can accelerate the production of desired cells with better networking ability.

In this regard, the global stem cells therapy market has taken a leap ahead by investigating various different modes of treatments and exploring various therapeutic modes of applications. The segment is primarily categorized into autologous as well as allogeneic mode of treatments; whereas the application of stem cells have been studied for wide range of autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, eye disorders, as well as musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular diseases, wound therapies, etc.

In case of geographic distribution, it has been estimated that North America is the leader; thus dominating the market due to increased funding as well as research activities in the market, however Asia is as well expected to grow exponentially, due to increased population, increased potential disease burdens and strong government support to facilitate stem cells treatments. In Asia, China and India are the strong players.

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