Stand Up Paddle Boarding Part 1 - The Basics

And, of course, surfing. Who can forget surfing the Atlantic Ocean? All along the coast from Cocoa Beach on down to South Beach, you'll find surfers, surf shops, and surf lessons going on. It's totally unlike the TB side where you have to wait for a tropical storm to catch some waves. And even then, many times the waves along the Gulf of Mexico will disappoint as they really aren't rideable.

If that interests you, the first step is to find the best stand up paddle board tips for kids for sale. That, however, is easier said than done. There are so many options that you will find yourself spoilt for choice. However, it is easy to find when you are clear about how it will be used.

Breakfast: Pancakes in City Park are a must for the Fourth of July, but for the weekend try The Eating Establishment, one of Park City's oldest restaurants. "The Double E" offers All-American comfort food, serving breakfast all day long.

Stand Up paddling functions your primary as well as your hands, legs as well as back. As stated previously it's a resistance-based form of motion. As you paddle, your primary and your thighs resist the actual movement of the board to help keep you from falling over. Mild, yet efficient.

Learn how to kayak, take a canoe tour, check out geocacheing, or watch demonstrations. There's even paddle-boarding demos and trials for extreme adventurers.

At sunset a super raffle drawing will be held as Dragonfly Boatworks owner Mark Castlow presents to the winner a 14-ft. Marsh Hen skiff complete with a 9.9 hp Yamaha outboard and trailer plus a 13. 5 Dragonfly sup board hiring what to expect and a special removable rack.

Social Activity and Climate: Simply put-if you are used to four seasons-you are in for a shock. The weather is sticky with high humidity and stormy in the summer each day. Your social activity will be affected by the weather and other factors as well. Everything here is based on the beach and a few "strips" of entertainment. The entertainment you will find is minimal. You will do a lot if drinking and eating out. If you are into outdoor sports however, then you have hit the mark. You have parks and recreation everywhere. There are meet ups for walkers, runners, excercise with sup boards, water skiing, parasailing and the like. The spiritual movement is a big here with over half of the meet ups being centered on vegans, meditation and the like.

He left surfing and Makaha behind, like the day he left his brother Marty in California, and never looked back. For a time, he replaced surfing with hang gliding- and diving...he always dove... until the body just couldn't do it any more. I knew his life was never the same since Makaha. He wasn't living his life anymore, he was passing through it. He even called it, the homestretch. I knew he missed it; missed that part of himself.

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