Trends of Mobile Application Development

Trends of Mobile Application Development

With the increasing use of smartphones, increasing number of mobile apps are getting downloaded annually. Social media apps, gaming apps and Google apps extensively dominate the app market. Giant corporations are using the mobile app for branding, meaningful customer engagement, and much more. Medium and small scale businesses are also developing mobile apps for their business and deploying them for the same purposes of branding, direct marketing and customer engagement. Mobile app development will evolve with the growth and evolution of technology. Hire mobile app developer from India who are on top of technological trends. Here are some influential trends of mobile app development:

Wearable devices

Wearable devices are getting increasingly popular. Apple Watch and Microsoft’s Hololens are setting the stage for new kind of computing. Thus allowing application development for smart wearables. Many wearable devices such as on-body healthcare sensors, display devices (like Google Glass), smart watches, and others are connected to smartphones through mobile apps. This will eventually spearhead the development of new generation of mobile apps. The landscape of mobile application development in India is gradually evolving.

Internet of Things

There is a high flux of connected devices which form an integral part of Internet of Things. Domestic smart objects such as LED light bulbs, controllable power sockets, domestic appliances, medical devices, sports equipments and more can be operated remotely with smartphones and tablets. These smart devices communicate through an App installed on a smartphone or tablet. The apps display and analyze information, allow you to pay for subscriptions, to order for replacement and automatically updates software. Apple Siri and Amazon Echo are voice command accepting devices that are used to control smart devices, play music and answer questions. 


M-commerce is poised to become increasingly popular in the upcoming years, as more and more consumers become used to m-commerce. Apple Pay and Google Wallet facilitate purchases made through the mobile instead of credit cards. Large scale adoption of M-commerce will require developers to build mobile apps that can easily and securely process transactions independent of cash, debit and credit cards. Mobile application development in India is focussed on developing apps for M-commerce.

It is predicted that wearables will play a significant role in the future of mobile payments. Mobile apps need to be developed for wearable devices allowing them to process payments. The result of this will cause m-commerce to evolve significantly in the future. 

Motion and Location Sensing

Most smartphones have location sensing abilities.The location data is relevant to deliver the user highly relevant location based ads and hypercontextual information. Location sensing is equally important in Geotagging. Motion sensing apps are equally important as the technology is used in security maintenance and games.

Trendiest Mobile User Experience

For the best user experience on the mobile, it is important to develop  interactive interfaces and intuitive designs. App design has to be soo deeply engaging that it can retain partially distracted users amidst interruptions. Additionally, apps should make use different technologies such as  circular design, content layers are more to entice the users.

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