Wonder Woman(2017)

Wonder Woman(2017)

History of Female superheroes

Only two films starring female superheroes have been released so far . One is Elektra(Marvel) and the other is Catwoman(DC). Both of these films were disastrous. Maybe this is why the well established and highly successful Marvel Cinematic Universe is yet to release a film with a female superhero in the lead.Of course  Captain Marvel is coming out in 2019 . But it is very late for such a successful franchise which started in 2008. It will be the 20th film for the MCU . However Wonder Woman will be the fourth film for DCEU.

When we consider TV shows there is Netflix's Jessica Jones and CW's Supergirl both having female leads. Both of them are  not as successful as the shows having male leads. 

Gal Gadot 

Gal Gadot first appeared as Wonder Woman in the most controversial superhero film ever Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice last year . Different people had different opinions on the film . But only one thing was appreciated by the entire geek community in general. It was the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman by Zack Snyder. When the casting decision was first announced people had their doubts  but when they saw her as WW in BvS all doubts vanished. The former Miss Israel was perfect for the role.

About the film 

This film is directed by Patty Jenkins . It will narrate Wonder Woman's adventures in The First World War.The film has a rotten tomatoes score of more than 90% . It will probably be the first superhero film with female lead to perform well in the box office.Critics have responded well to this film which was not the case for the previous three films of the DCEU. Chris Pine will also do an important role as Steve Trevor . The antagonist of this film is rumored to be Ares.


We have seen many inspiring superhero films thanks to the MCU and the DCEU. This film will be a little different. It will make an impact on young boys as well as girls. Heroism isn't specific to one gender. It will be an important tool to promote feminism(not feminazism). I hope that we will all have a wonderful time experiencing the Amazonian princess in the big screen.