Ask the Doctor

Dear Dr. Hansen: I am constantly outdoors and lead an extremely active lifestyle. How do I best look after my eyes all through outdoor activities?

Protect your eyes in the environment, not just the sun. There's a higher risk for injury with several outdoor activities. It's paramount that you've powerful shades to shield eyes from flying objects and from ultra-violet (UV) rays. Manufacturers and high price-tags do not indicate the grade of the contact. You should head to your eye care practitioner for recommendations for the entire eye that is protected by a pair.

Babies and children in strollers should wear eye protection also. This poetic my mie mira groth hansen URL has several offensive suggestions for the inner workings of it. People who begin protecting their eyes at a new age are less inclined to have difficulties later in life.

Keep rewetting products and services with you constantly. Keeping your eyes lubricated helps keep them free of certain pathogens. You should never wash your contacts with water. Use eyedrops to lubricate and rewet contacts. The Complete Revitalize Active Pack for smooth lenses contains all you need to keep eyes protected and cozy while you're on the go-it contains a travel-size Complete MoisturePlus Multi-Purpose S-olution and Blink-N-Clean Lens rewetting drops.

Expensive Dr. Hansen: Can I swim while wearing contacts?

No. All water (faucet water, pools, waters, the ocean, etc.) contains all types of disease. Warm containers will be the worst. It does not matter in the event that you open your eyes briefly-you might get an infection in a matter of several seconds. While swimming is always to remove your lenses and use great running goggles the simplest way to safeguard your eyes. Hit this web page check this out to learn when to recognize it.

Expensive Dr. Hansen: What should I look for in a good set of glasses?

Shades offer protection from ULTRA violet rays in sunlight. Subjected UV light might damage the cornea and retina; however, great sun lenses can reduce the damaging UV rays. You can see about the sunglasses' name its degree of protection from UVA and Uv-b rays. Poorly made glasses might also cause visual distortion. Unfortuitously, distortion-free contacts can not be tested over-the-counter. This distortion results in a reduced amount of visual quality and may cause headaches. Purchasing the right pair of sunglasses gives you maximum protection, so visit your eye care practitioner for suggestions of a good pair.

Precious Dr. Hansen: How do I avoid dry eye?

Dry eye syndrome is quite common. It causes a number of indicators, from burning, discomfort and itching, to blurred vision. Though dry eyes can not be cured, there are always a variety of measures that can be taken fully to address them. Eat an effective, nutritious diet with a great deal of fruits and veggies and get good exercise. Simply take breaks from staring at your monitor every half-hour. Blink at intervals of three to five seconds to move tears and lubricate the eye. If you use contact lenses, use a moisturizing contact solution for optimum comfort such as Complete MoisturePlus Multi-Purpose Solution for soft lenses that soothes with artificial tear ingredients, which could really make a difference in how your eyes feel.

Mark T. Hansen, OD, FAAO, was in clinical practice, a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry and is Director, Professional Services at Advanced Medical Optics, Inc. in Santa Ana, Calif.

While swimming would be to remove your contacts and wear great athletic goggles the best way to guard your eyes.

Dr. Dave Hansen.