Three Ideas to Improve Your Facebook Fan Page SEO

Facebook pages are one of the simplest means of building and growing your brand due to the fact that they can reach the millions of people who are already using Facebook on a daily basis. You can get fans and traffic to your Facebook fan page using various techniques, but you should really be focused on the one true way to get where you want to be. Optimize your fan page for the major search engines and you'll see targeted traffic coming your way at no cost. The thing is, most people don't know how or they don't care about optimizing their pages for the search engines, so this will give you a huge advantage over all those other pages. Here are three SEO techniques that really work for optimizing your Facebook page so that you can get more traffic.

Choosing a good Facebook username for your fan page is critical. Your Facebook username and vanity URL is much like a domain name. If you don't get it, then someone else will. As soon as you get started you need to register the URL of your fan page. While you should choose a URL with generic keywords, stay away from making it appear spammy because Facebook has blacklisted usernames before. You should consider a URL that is based on your business' name. Add fresh new content on a regular basis that is unique to your fan page. Things have changed recently at Facebook and now, in addition to other types of posts, wall posts and status updates, are included in searches. The more often you update and add new content, the more opportunities your fan page has to be found in Facebook searches. Include a few generic keywords in your posts that will provide wider exposure within Facebook searched.

Lastly, make sure your Facebook page isn't just some generic landing page. Facebook allows you to make your page look how you want it, so you use that ability. This will help you boost your SEO points with the search engines too. So make the landing tab tailored to your target audience and have a call to action on it.

You should give your visitors more than one purpose for joining your page. It's a mistake to have your visitors land on your wall because it doesn't really explain anything about your product or your brand. This means that it won't have any real impact on anyone visiting your fan page the first time.

The conclusion is that there are many benefits to optimizing your Facebook fan page including the fact that you can use SEO to generate the best results from your page. Always take every chance you get to send more traffic to your page because the more fans you have the greater your exposure will be. It is important that you remember to treat your fans well as they are just like your email subscribers.