Which Social Media Network is Best for Marketing Success?

Which Social Media Network is Best for Marketing Success?


Every social media site is continually innovating with their paid ad platforms to increase advantages for their advertiser for the selected locations. Facebook and Twitter are high-ranking social media sites that have a large user base. Considering the popularity of Facebook, many top mobile apps development companies in USA and India are increasingly interested to develop Facebook apps for business customers.

 These are considered as the best platforms and that are chosen by a large number of advertiser to reach their ads to more customers. If you advertise on both the platforms, your expenses may go high, so which one to choose, Facebook or Twitter? 

Revenue model

Facebook Revenue model: Facebook is having a huge revenue from advertising, which accounts almost 85% of its total revenue. Facebook allows different kinds of ads like video ad, image ad, etc. 

Twitter Revenue Model: Like Facebook, Twitter’s 85% revenue come from advertising. In Twitter, advertiser can pay for ads per click or per retweet. Most importantly, 65% of its revenue comes from ads on mobile devices. 

Kinds of Advertisements

Facebook ads: The Facebook ads can divided into subheading i.e. traffic and leads for website, sales and leads for products and service, visitors for store or event, and likes and engagement for the pages.

Twitter ads: Twitter card allows to attach different kinds of media with the description of 140 to 10000 characters. The ad cards ads are categorized into Traffic and Leads for website, Sales and Lead for Product and Service, Brand Awareness and Engagement for brand.

App cards are ads that drive app installs. Some mobile app development companies in Mumbai, India are leveraging it for full extent to drive downloads for their apps.


Social media keep growing. So Facebook wins competition with Twitter in many aspects, but their users are not exactly similar. More Twitter users are active on Facebook as celebrities or as a page. So targeted users can be vary for advertisers to advertise on. Even LinkedIn is also gradually joining the league.