Indoor Blinds

Let it be for your bedroom with an awkwardly placed window or your front office, indoor blinds solve all your privacy needs with an added comfort of being extremely user friendly. The best thing about indoor blinds is that the matching fascia ensures that is doesn’t look misplaced in any room. Indoor blinds come in various designs and colours allowing it to blend in with its surroundings. When it comes to Prime furnishings, there are all kinds of indoor blinds available including,

·         Roller Blinds

·         Fabric Blinds

·         Roman Blinds

·         Vertical Slats blinds: These come in two basic sizes and wand controls to help make them more user friendly, as mentioned below;

  1. 89 millimetres
  2. 127 millimetres

·         Cedar Timber Style Blinds: These come in two basic sizes as well, namely;

  1. 48 millimetres
  2. 50 millimetres

·         Basswood Style Blinds: Basswood style blinds are mostly found with matching fascia

·         Aluminium Venetians: These come not only in two basic sizes but a large variety of colours to help meet your requirements, the sizes being;

  1. 25 millimetres
  2. 50 millimetres

However this is not all that Prime Furnishings has to offer, it also has a variety of different fabrics for the blinds and the fitting styles to help the customer attain the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. The blind fabric styles have been subjected to discussion in the list below;

·         Block-out fabric: This material is used when the client wishes to use the indoor blinds to block out sunlight as much as possible.

·         Light-filtering fabric: Light filtering is used in order to ensure that light filters into the room, however its intensity is maintained at optimum levels.

·         Sunscreen fabric: It is basically utilized for protection against UV rays of the sun as filtered light passes through into the room.

A three year warranty provided by prime furnishings is proof of the fact that, at prime furnishings the quality of product is extremely important.

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