Remove The Moss From Your Lawn

First, you may not see in the garden. In fact, it is green. But if you look closely, it has become the shadow of your lawn tape. Moss can look good on rocks and trees, grass, but it means problems. Moss control in the grass begins to understand why moss grows in the first place.

Moss is a plant with shallow roots, which is known as propagated by traces and structures of the root. It is fun to grow during the gray and damp days of late fall and early spring. Moss pulls its own ground, but fills the spaces in which the grass is too thin. According to the Lawn Care Elgin If you do grass problems from repellent products and fill holes, it is a good indication that you have a deeper problem - soil compaction, poor drainage, low soil pH or insufficient sunlight.

Moss control, prevention and lawn care

Moss checks when moss is running the most effective, especially during cold, wet and fake spring. When administered areas should, when growing moss Cut shorter in order to expose moss. Lawn Care Algonquin IL offers carefully with fertile control moss products, which also feed on the grass, are very effective in controlling moss. Shortly after the black treatment mosses and die.

Moss to prevent his return

Moss control requires more of the mussels in the lawn. The best way to avoid moss back is the bottom reason moss began to grow in the first correction.

If the lawn less than 3 hours of sunshine received per day, cut the branches to get more sunlight to reach the grass. When the terrain is only 6-8 hours of filtered sunlight or get 3-4 hours of direct sunlight, planting a shade tolerant grass.

Lawn Care ST Charles IL good practices for planting turf plantation help your thick lawns and moss in the bay. Perform regular and mowing at the highest recommended height for your type of grass to promote deep roots.

Moss grows better than grass on moist, poorly geoengineerende soils. Compressed air and soil includes rich composted material such as Scotts Turf soil lawn builder to improve drainage. Water grass only when needed - one centimeter of water per week needs more grass.

Moss in other areas of the garden

Moss grows on hard surfaces, especially in the dark and moist areas of the garden. Although they can not damage the surface, they can slide patios, steps, porches, and sidewalks. Use a product that is safe for hard surfaces. Through 21 years of experience and dedication landscaper elgin il have established themselves as a leader in lawn care and landscape design. We believe that quality landscaping and lawn care should be available to everybody, no matter their budget. We service both residential and commercial clients throughout Elgin & surrounding areas.