Simple But Effective Bicep Workout

Virtually everyone appears to be surfing the internet for the toughest bicep workout to help them build larger arms in less time. We all understand that there are a lot of effective bicep work outs online, I genuinely believe that it's important to place the correct amount of emphasis on your own biceps work outs. While it's essential that you simply learn just how to hit your biceps efficiently, you really should not spend too much of your weight training time working on a small muscle group like your arms. If you focus too much on training your arms, the remainder of your muscle groups will suffer, and even your biceps will be affected negatively by too much attention. Finally the muscle group that is dominating your focus and time in the gym will begin to really atrophy and get smaller!

Relative to some of the bigger muscle groups on your own body, the muscles in your biceps are miniature. Only because there's no other muscle in your body which will capture the attention of the ladies fairly like a bulging pair of biceps, among the biggest downfalls of most guys is that they spend way too much time training their arms and too little time training the bigger muscle groups on their bodies.

If you actually desire to build bigger arms, then you definitely've got to piece together your training in the following manner (or at least pretty close to this). First off target the larger muscles in your body and work your way down the list.

Start out with...


You will desire to devote a bunch of vigor to training the larger muscle groups hefty and hard. What you will find if you do this is that your smaller muscle groups (like your biceps and triceps), will start to get larger by the way without direct training because of the quantity of muscle building hormones released by your body when you work your way through heavy sets for the larger muscle groups on your own body. By focusing on the bigger muscles first and making them the priority in your program, you'll start to see a growth in the size and strength of your arms.

Also keep in mind that while you do many of the "pulling" exercises that are the focus of your back training, you'll be activating and incidentally working your biceps (commonly with a much heavier weight than you normally would), so attempt to split up your back work outs and space them at least a day apart from your bicep workouts.

Now that you've got your bodybuilding program laid out correctly and everything is in check. Then you'll want to begin to start working in a couple of simple though powerful arm workouts. Don't make the mistake that almost every guy in the health club makes and work your biceps all the time - not only is it a bad thought, but it is also counterproductive to your goal of building bigger arms.

If you desire to build larger arms, you have to couple down your arm workouts to 1 bicep work out per week. That's all you have to do to make your biceps grow! If you blast your biceps with heavy exercises any more than this, they are going to lose size - so try not to do it!

Now that you understand how to properly prioritize your workouts and how frequently you need to be hitting your biceps, here's an easy bicep workout that is able to help you develop size on your biceps quickly without taking up lots of your time to complete.

Start out with a couple of minutes of light intensity cardio. I usually do 5 -10 minutes of light jogging or walking. Followed by a full body stretch routine. A lot of guys simply stretch out the muscle groups that they'll be training for that day - I simply enjoy to stretch out the all of my muscle groups each day so that I'm able ot prevent any kind of injury or undue muscle stiffness. After you get your stretches and warm up in, it is time to jump into the weight lifting warm up places beneath.

Simple Bicep Workout

Warm Up Set 1:

Exercise: Alternating Dumbbell Curl - 1 set x 10 repetitions

Choose a training weight that enables you to move the weight fast through a full range of motion. I usually start with 10 pound dumbbells.

Warm Up Set #2:

Exercise: Dumbbell Curl - 1 set of 8 reps

Again choose a weight which allows you to move the Dumbbells fairly fast through a complete range of movement, but make sure that it is heavier than what you began with. I like to bound up to 45 lb dumbbells here.

Rest for 1.5 minutes

Warm Up Set #3:

Bicep Exercise: Dumbbell Curl - 1 set of 6 rep

*Perform this warm up place with a weight that one can go though the complete range of movement easi