Things to Do in Australia When You're a Solo Traveler

For most people, travelling alone isn’t easy or preferable, but travelling alone in Australia can change this stigma. There’s more to explore in Australia then you can imagine, from vibrant club and restaurant scenes to indigenous culture and intriguing wildlife. The possibilities for adventure are seemingly endless, and below are three of the most unique and exciting holiday destinations in Australia that even solo travellers will enjoy.

Find the Culture in Melbourne

Melbourne is truly a melting pot for cultures, which also makes it a destination full of cultural cuisine, from Polish to Ethiopian. But, moreover, it’s a friendly place that welcomes all types from all walks of life. Plus, its known for its brilliant art scene and café culture. This makes it perfect for the single traveller, as the vibrant scenes won’t make you feel so alone. Besides, with so much to do here, you’ll never get bored or lonely. It’s bohemian, but it’s also the sporting capital, famous for its Boxing Day cricket match and the Australian Open.

Explore Nature at Cairns

Cairns in Queensland, serves as the entrance to tropical Northern Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, and is considered one of the greatest destinations for solo travellers. This city is all about nature, with 2,300 kilometres of coral and unique sea creatures. Not to mention, the beaches, gorges and large parks, such as the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park and Daintree National Park. You could take a diving trip, swim in the saltwater lagoon or take a stroll along the boardwalk. Plus, Cairns has a bustling nightlife, and crowded bars and restaurant offer the perfect atmosphere for meeting fellow travellers.

Be Amazed by The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast (Goldy) is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations, and one of ‘Goldy’s’ most popular destinations is Surfer’s Paradise. Surfer’s Paradise has some of the most exciting Gold Coast things to do, including the SkyPoint Climb, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Infinity, theme parks, surfing lessons and more. But, the fun doesn’t stop at Surfer’s Paradise activities, there’s also Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads, Currumbin and more.

Most notably, one of the best Gold Coast tourist attractions is the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary (CWS). The sanctuary offers some of Australia’s most unique wildlife in a rainforest and bushland setting. You can take a trip around the park on a Segaway, do the Treetop Challenge, watch an indigenous culture performance, shop at the Sanctuary Markets have a wildlife experience and so much more. All the activities at the CWS will make you forget you’re traveling alone.