How I enjoy traveling solo sometimes in and around Kolkata

My teachers call me an introvert, my friends call me an extrovert, my girlfriend calls me an ambivert, and my parents do not call me any of these even after knowing me for 27 years! It is not necessary that one has to label oneself to identify with others; after spending years of self-contemplation, I find it better to go without labeling to live life in a non-complicated manner. I love traveling, sometimes with friends and family, and at times alone. Even though India has come quite far concerning liberalism, we still give weird looks and drop our jaw in astonishment when someone tells us that they travel solo.


I have met people who enjoy solo-traveling for years in length, join back society for a couple of years, and then again leave for solo-excursions; the cycle never ends for them. On the other hand, there are folks like me, who love to share the excitement and fun of traveling with someone, but also like to pack their bag and leave for an offbeat place at times.


When I am not with friends, I am a shy kind of person. I cannot make friends that easily as a few people around me do. Most of the times, people will find me buried in my work, but in my head, I am always making plans to visit newer places. I don't know if someone identifies with me or not, but whenever I am preparing accounts for my clients, I know in my heart that I have to leave this urban city to find peace in a remote village and live there for a few days. When I am at work, I have a bubble, from where I set my base to outdo my peers. But when I am traveling, no fear of lagging behind bothers me; I let the other travelers cover various spots while I move with a laidback bearing.


The role of food in traveling


One of my several passions is to taste various kinds ofcuisines at exquisite restaurants. My Instagram account is replete with the photos of everything I have tried at home, restaurants, bar, or buffets. And a significant number of followers shows that there are people who love doing what I do. Every Friday evening, I go to discover any place that I have not visited, be it alone or with friends. Even if I visit a place again, I make sure that I try a different kind of foods and beverages. My heavily populated account on Instagram has given me new terms to refer cuisines just by using their hashtags. For instance, I would have never used #foodporn to speak of what I eat! However, this particular hashtag is so popular that even I could not stop using it for marking a picture of cheese-loaded pizza or pasta and still feel good about it. 


How Kolkata contributed to my travel


Being in Kolkata gives me tremendous scope to discover various destinations. The city is famous for its delectable cuisines and innumerable travel destinations in and around the town. I can never say that I am done traveling around my birthplace. I do not mind traveling to a few kilometers from West Bengal, so even if I have to take a long road trip to Odisha, Jharkhand, or any other neighboring state, I just don’t mind. I just need to have a Self-Drive Car Rental Kolkata, and I know what I have to do. Having someone sitting with me in the car is the ideal situation I prefer for traveling, else I do not mind steering around on my own. When I am on my way, I can make out if someone is interested in talking to me, or if can arouse their interest, and it is just amazing to know someone you have just met. That is how I travel with my own company or with that of others; and it does not bother me what it makes others to think of me.