Who keeps the money

Taking things on a high level before mastering the basics is one specialty of Ghanaian leaders especially giving names to things contrary to their meaning. When we hear Estate, it is believed to be a sophisticated area where middle class citizens mostly live. However, that is not the case of Buokrom Estate a suburb in the Manhyia a Constituency, which is the biggest amongst the estates in Kumasi. For over two decades, residents and drivers have been suffering from health issues and frequent visit to the fitting shop due to the bad nature of the road. Roads connecting to these so-called estates houses are nothing to write home about yet you would see someone name a street after him or her. Nevertheless, I want to ask the authorities’ in charge of these street names that, when those people come for the permits, don’t they do some checks before they give it to them? Or is it that they put their bellies first? Some Authorities on the other hand ply these roads everyday yet they have ignored the situation because they drive government cars and other strong cars that can contain the bad nature of the roads; thinking about their selfish interests. Several efforts made by residents and some media outlets have fallen on death ears. The most hitting and irritating aspect of the issue is that every year residents pay not less than 150 cedis to each of these institutions: state housing and KMA and there are over 1000 houses in Buokrom estates because of its demarcations. we have A-line to G-line, even if only 50% of these households pay, let’s do the calculations and see what they make every year. The question i am asking is, for the past 20 years what have they been doing with our monies, who keeps them?