get psyched for game of thrones season 7,

the next season of game of thrones is looking more like a movie franchise than a season of television.

with fewer episodes and longer runtimes, including a record 81 - minute season finale ,

it promises to be a ground breaking cinematic experience on the small screen .

if you want proof all you have to do is watch this three - minute trailer mashup that looks like it

belongs in a movie theater .

You Tuber Sebastian Huges has combined all trailers and promos for Game of Thrones season 7 into one [mostly]

seamless trailer ,throwing together related scenes and stories to give us even further insight into where these characters

are and where they're going .

It's hard not to watch something like this and marvel at the and marvel at the fact that its not actually a feature film but rather a television series .

it shows how far television has come as a medium that it can produse something this big and beautiful.

You can check out the trailer mashup below .

Games Of Thrones returns july 16.