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Now, the four-note tune is available as a free download on iTunes -- essentially confirming that some notes in the end among the teaser-trailer are, in fact, Rue's whistle. It also gives Hunger Games fans something else to obsess over.

Drum and bass, house, and jazz have tons in common rhythmically. It is really pretty syncopated. Maybe that is the reason that fusing these styles seems so organically grown. We've decided to call our genre, "CAVE" because it's like house, but more jagged, more wild, plus natural to reside in!

Let's bear in mind it from another point of view. My phone company is making several money from me, go for walks . takes me an hour to get on the phone with these animals. They have a nice Web site to be careful of most of my concerns, so don't have to get as many customer service reps. Action a win/win for everyone, except this specific same phone company fires so many reps that my phone experience returns to normal, i.e. unpleasant.

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