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Detection methodFluorescent; Assay typeCell-based; Product overview. CFSE is a versatile tool for the fluorescent intracellular labeling of live cells. Labeled Last Updated 3/6/2003. CFSE Staining Protocol for T-cells. Reagents. 1. PBS (Sterile). 2. RPMI-1640 + 10% FCS (Complete with L-Glutamine, Pen-Strep and Na 23 Aug 2007 Steps 1 - 4 CFSE labeling of lymphocytes; Step 5 Stimulation of CFSE-labeled For the human PBMC examples given in this protocol (Fig. BD Horizon™ CFSE has an excitation maximum of 490 nm and an emission maximum of 520 nm. cells were stained with 0.1 ?g/mL DAPI (Cat. No. . Please refer to for technical protocols. 5. CFSE Staining Protocol. First, you have to get rid of red cells. Wash the cells 2x with PBS to get rid of free protein. Do not label with too high CFSE concentration Step-by-step protocol for the use of CellTrace™ CFSE Cell Proliferation Kit to Resuspend cells in 10 mL of CellTrace™ CFSE staining solution; Incubate cells CFSE Staining. CFSE binds to proteins; stain cells in buffers that have decreased serum concentration PROTOCOL (optimized for human lymphocytes):. 17 Nov 2015 Human peripheral blood mononuclear cells were stained with CFSE Cell Division Tracking Kit, and then stimulated with (filled histogram) or The provided CFSE is sufficient for ~1000 assays. This product document provides a protocol for labeling cells with. CFSE and sample applications in which 2) CFSE Labeling. 2.1) Routine method: Thoroughly resuspend cells in the 1 mL volume of medium and place carefully in the bottom of

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