What are the top telecom blogs around the world?

3G & 4G Wireless Blog

3G and 4G Wireless Blog

Blog written by Zahid Ghadialy. He has very thorough posts, and some of it can be pretty technical and detailed (which I think is a good thing), but covers a lot of good stuff on small cells, backhaul, new RAN technologies, LTE, etc.

Broadband Expert

Mobile Broadband

Dean Bubley's Disruptive Wireless (mentioned in other answers)


Dean Bubley likes ACN to stir controversy, which makes his blog interesting to read, as he tends to take anti-trend positions (well researched though). He's also a great speaker and fun to watch on panels.

Telco 2.0

Telco 2.0

Produced by STL (headquartered in the UK), they've been preaching the 2-sided telco business model for a few years now, interesting stuff on here, but not just network focused, also OSS/BSS, Mobile payments, etc. etc.


The UK's largest independent Broadband / ADSL troubleshooting website (incorporating news, reviews and comparisons)

More focused on fixed (fixed/wireless) broadband issues, but interesting stuff on the broadband quality, speeds, etc.


3G and LTE small cell news and analysis

Pretty new blog, but gets about 10,000 quality hits a month, produced by David Chambers, and ex-Amdocs/Cramer Systems product guy. Focused on femto/picocell/small cell (RAN/Backhaul, etc.). Pretty good deals in terms of hosted interviews and logo presence as this is a new blog.



Definitely one of the leading telco blogging ACN platforms in the UK, managed by Juliet Media. Pretty standard deals can be had for banner hosting, unlimited blogging, with distribution of your blog posts to over 10,000 professionals in the industry. I've been blogging on this for a few years now.

BrokenTelephone (Ian Grant)