Looking for Jobst Compression Stockings in Philadelphia? Know everything about Durable Medical Equipment

As people age, they often require assistive equipment to keep up with the normal activities such as climbing up the stairs, etc. Durable medical equipment not only make life easier for elders, it also gives them a sense of independence. For those who have never heard something about this, durable medical equipment is any equipment that offers therapeutic benefits to people who suffer from certain medical conditions and/or illnesses. Not only aged or elderly people, even patients recovering from spinal cord injury may require durable medical equipment in Paoli.

However, durable medical equipment may not be covered under Medicare or other insurance plans. Therefore it is a must that people requiring assistive equipment have a detailed discussion regarding what would be covered under the policy and what will not be covered. Medicaid’s policy available for seniors who reside at home usually covers the cost of certain durable medical equipment. So it is a must that people talk to their insurance providers regarding the special needs.

Another thing that people must consider is choosing the right durable medical equipment provider. For instance, Jobst compression stockings in Philadelphia are available with a number of home medical equipment suppliers, but it is a must that one finds the best supplier. To ensure one works with the right supplier, here is what one must look for:


The supplier must have a team of qualified staffs who can help people choose the right medical equipment. The staffs must also be able to help one understand how to use and maintain the equipment to ensure optimal performance and the best results.


Consider the location of the supplier when choosing a durable medical equipment supplier. If the supplier delivers the equipment at one’s door-step, then considering the location might not be as important; but in case the person needs to bring the equipment home by himself, then it is best to look for a supplier close to the place of residence. Moreover, it is important that one asks about company's network of locations. A supplier with many branches will ensure that one gets continued services even if they travel from one place to another.        

Turn Around Time

Before finalizing the supplier, have to talk to them over the phone to see how responsive and helpful they are. Avoid suppliers who use automated voice systems. Companies that employ real people are often far better than those who do not. Quick turn-around time also ensure high-quality service. In order to know more about a company, one can consider talking to the past clients.


Does the company offer emergency services? Emergencies can hit any time and one needs someone who can help them in the difficult times. A service provider that offers emergency services will ensure one gets the necessary help, no matter what time it is.

Durable medical equipment can make life easier for people with certain medical conditions. Choose the right equipment and buy/rent it from the right supplier to ensure the best value for money and peace of mind.