Lynching stars after the war or tragic fates film idols

Cinema, where films were shown by past stars of the silver screen, used to regularly full. During the occupation, the film stories for many became a means to an hour and a half to forget the real world beyond the walls of the screening room. People love their stars. However, this changed immediately after the end of the war. For some actors and actresses the days following the liberation became paradoxically the worst period of life. Insults, beatings, end careers. Some ended up in jail, they had to pay heavy fines and lost all their property. They became outcasts for years. Usually those who have been under occupation most visible.

Adina Mandlová First Republic was one of the most beautiful actresses, she loved life, alcohol, sex. During the war played in one German film, but it became fatal rumor that she slept with KH Frank, though it was not true. Indeed it preserved even Frank's clear statements on this artist: "It's fucking who sleeps with every gypsy, and known šovinistka."

Just a few hours after the liberation arrested Mandlová members of the Revolutionary Guards in Beroun. At first she did not know when he inspected her identity card, a guardsman shouted triumphantly: "Aha! The bird runs for Frank!" Almond later recalled that her suffering was right. In Beroun, which is often used to go to a theater performance, she immediately surrounded the crowd. "Where's Frank, so I help you?" Almond described the event in his memoir. "They were the same people who applauded me until recently. Now, instead of flowers after me throwing stones - but fortunately they missed - and the applause turned into obscene insults and threats." At the station, where it drove on interrogation to Prague walked up to her well-dressed man, he spat in her face and said, "This is for my dead mother, the German bitch. Watch Latest Robot 2 Movie Full hd Online

Vlasta Burian refused to play for the German occupation in movies, employed in his theater Radovana Lukavského and other people, to protect them from deploying in the empire. During performances made fun of the Germans, he raised his right hand, for example, by a Nazi salute and said, "That's my dog jumps high, when I come home." Even so against him after the war broke out manhunt. Provoked her only appearances in radio show Stars over Baltimore , where drunken parodied Jana Masaryka. 


Read WEEK.Behind bars came like Almond shortly after the liberation. But while his acting colleague wearing their humiliation and suffering not give to know Czech king of comics prison break. As one of the guards, "cries the whole day." Due to poor health, although for a time it was released, but then again Burian himself in Pankrac cell - the SS men and criminals. Twice the court pardoned him, and he was eventually sentenced to three months in prison and a fine of half a million crowns. Not even the disenfranchised "karikovaného" Foreign Minister Masaryk. Literary and theater critic Vladimír Just in his book Subject: Vlasta Burian quoted a contemporary document: "In the opinion of the Minister of Foreign interest in prosecution is not Vlastimila Buriana for his appearances on the radio in the sketch Stars over Baltim