With the induction of Windows 7 Font Management, a new era of word processing has started that gives ability and flexibility of many new as well highl

The latest Windows version lends an in-depth gist of the fonts added to the Windows 7, and it renders the subjects as under: -New fonts types that Windows 7 supports -Typefaces that are included in Windows 7 -How to install fonts? -Other sources of information In the fonts segment, you can view the thumbnails which are reminiscent of 3 traits of the fonts alphabet on the icon. This makes it easier to identify fonts. Stacked icons indicate that different font styles are available. Such a group of fonts is called a collection. The use of collections reduces the clutter in the font folder. Windows 7 even has the ability to uniquely show its fonts, and again it has the capability to put out of the sight, in accordance with the users needs. Thus, all those fonts which free fonts have been veiled for any reason, wouldnt sight in any application, though you install them again in your system. One way in which this mechanism is used is for hiding fonts deemed useless based on the regional settings: if you indicate that Windows 7 should use western regional settings. This font hiding mechanism frees up memory and simplifies font selection. Amazingly, contrary to the past series, the Fonts Manager of Windows 7 is remarkably been upgraded that offers a preview of all installed fonts in your computer system. The only way to make new fonts available in your operating system is that you are required to copy the fonts into your latest fonts directory. To keep your font list manageable, you may still want to invest in a font manager, such as SuitCase.