Hurom HG2: one of the best in the market extractors

Hurom HG2: one of the best in the market extractors


The Hurom HG2 is a vertical juice extractor which is part of the 2nd generation Hurom brand juice extractors. The brand Hurom is widely recognized for the quality of its products, there are great chances that the Hurom HG2 is a very powerful juicer.

The Hurom HG2 is an enhanced version of its predecessor. The products of the brand Hurom are considered among the most reliable on the market to the extent that the brand provides many other extractors brands in parts regarding juice ( Omega, Carbel , Jazz Max ...). Also, this juicer, presented at its output as a professional juicer was very expected from specialists and consumers.We'll see if the manufacturer managed to keep up to its reputation.
Advantages and Disadvantages of juicer Hurom HG2.


What is always interesting with Hurom juice extractors, whether horizontal or vertical, is the ongoing commitment of the brand with every new product outlet will innovate. The Hurom HG2 therefore no exception with a development effort focused on performance and ease of cleaning. The advantages of the extractor Hurom HG2 are to find the following themes:
the yield
the extraction speed
Regarding performance, it is primarily in this aspect that the technological effort was the largest with Hurom HG 2. Indeed, it is through the arrival of a new generation of propellers that this parameter been greatly improved. The juicer has indeed a double helix of a system which not only allows it to improve its performance but also to integrate more easily into the spectrum of convertible foods fibrous vegetables juices to make delicious green juice rich in chlorophyll. The advantage of buying the juice extractor Hurom HG2 will be twofold: to improve the performance and to integrate green juice. Vertical juice extractors are not very fond of foliage types of vegetables. The Hurom HG2 has very good results for this area, but we recommend a general view of soak ideally a few hours before passing them to the extractor to facilitate the extraction. Know another extractor has a similar technology: the Omega VJS843.
The extractor juice extraction speed is really the other big advantage of this product.With an extraction rate of 43 revolutions per minute, the extractor is listed as an extractor of premium juices, like the Angel range, the SlowStar or the Sana 808. If you wish to view the best pullers of in terms of speed of rotation or juice, please consult our different comparison, thecomparison of our vertical extractors. With such speed, you are guaranteed that nutrients and enzymes are preserved for the full benefits of juice for your cell!
Cleaning was greatly improved in this new version of Hurom HG2. One should this improvement thanks to the presence of a control lever that allows to not only regulate the density that you want associated with your juice but also greatly facilitate the cleaning of your extractor adjusting as desired evacuation garbage. The cleanability of a juice extractor is a major problem in the sense that many people are discouraged to get out their extractor because it proves binding cleaning then. With Hurom HG2, you can count on a quick and easy cleanin


Opinions on Hurom HG2, what to think?

Therefore, we recommend to go to our partner's site to see in detail the features of this product but know that the Hurom HG2 is probably one of the most powerful juicers in the market since its very interesting features. We recommend you to invest in this product or failing to read the reviews that are published by Internet users who bought the Hurom HG2 should quickly convince you of the quality of this juicer.