Confused About Googles Catalog, Url Dampening, and No. of Links?

I recently received yet another 'please help' mail from the lady named Ian who runs a journey organization in Tanzania ( ). Alternative To Linklicious contains further about when to deal with this view. If you are interested in data, you will maybe require to explore about affiliate. Ian was concerned with the consequence of the number of issues including indexing and link dampening, and was desperate for help. Unfortunately, he'd read some rather misleading articles previously, so he'd a somewhat mixed up knowledge of the factors at play. I decided to publish the details of our discussion, since I imagine he's perhaps not alone in his frustration and concern.

Ian's mail contained a few issues. I've listed each individually below, followed closely by my response.

Q: When I look for how many backlinks to my site using '', I see only 23 results. It appears that only 23 of our backlinks have survived Google's dampening link filter. Is there a time delay before they're credited to some site? '

A: Firstly, I think you could have the dampening link filter somewhat puzzled. Based on the dampening link filter theory, your links are found and acquiesced by Google, you simply don't have the full benefit from them until confirmed period of time has elapsed. Get more on alternatives by going to our powerful article. The dampening link filter (if it exists) doesn't stop links from appearing in Google's benefits when you look for them. (The only reason your backlinks might not appear in a Google search is if Google hasn't yet found the pages containing the links.) Also, do not worry too much about things like the dampening link filter. To begin with, it's far from established / acknowledged fact. Many well-regarded SEO experts don't rely on it in any way. Furthermore, even if it does occur, it only affects those organizations with the budget to generate the large numbers (hundreds or thousands probably) of links reputedly needed to induce it. If your variety of backlinks suddenly increases by 20, that is no problem.

And subsequently, do not believe anything Google informs you. By searching for '', you usually only view a small proportion of actual links to your website. The simplest way to search for links would be to search for just the URL '', then on the page that shows next, select 'Find web-pages that include the term '' .' Whenever you do it in this way, you'll see all the pages that have your URL. Typically, the URL is likely to be an energetic link (or at the very least it should be, and you should keep these things make it so). If you do this search, you'll note that your site has about 169 links, perhaps not 2-3. If you are concerned with video, you will likely claim to learn about commercial how works.