Make aur feet healthier

Make aur feet healthier1.Trim and shape your toenails. Cut your toenails with proper nail clippers and then file into shape, taking care not to trim off too much. 2. Go barefoot in the heat. Get your toes out in the sun by wearing airy, open-toed sandals to stop your feet from getting sweaty (and smelly). 3. avoid flip-flops. yes, they are light and airy, but they provide your feet with almost no support whatsoever. avoid blisters. These are more common in hot weather, and can be made worse by new shoes. If you’re unfortunate enough to get a blister, don’t pop it as this can cause infection. If it does burst, keep it clean with antiseptic and a plaster. 4. Go au naturale. Give your nails a break from nail polish, as this can stop nails from breathing properly, causing yellowing – never a good look on the beach. or summer. 5. Change your socks regularly. Make sure you wear fresh socks every day and opt for those made with cotton or wool – they’re cooler. 6. Tackle cracked heels. Use a pumice stone to banish hard skin. Get rid of dead, flaky bits with a good exfoliator and then cover your newly smooth toes with foot moisturiser. Let the cream soak in overnight for extra-soft skin. 7. Get rid of sweat. It’s more important to wash your feet regularly in the summer months. Be wary of foot infections. Communal showers and changing rooms in your holiday hotel are a hotbed for germs, putting you at risk of athlete’s foot and verrucas. Make sure you wear flip-flops around the pool area. 8.remember sun cream! Don’t forget your feet when it comes to sun protection. your nails, as well as the skin on your feet, are vulnerable, so make sure you slather on the cream.