“Dream Big, Work Hard”

 “Dream Big, Work Hard”

Do you want to change for the better?

Attain success by setting your goals?

How about turning your imaginations into a reality?

First things first, you must be motivated. If you are being motivated, you can set your goals and do it in a way as you want to achieve into a better result. If you know to yourself that you are heavy, you will find things on how to cope up with. Give time to relax. If you are being relaxed, you can set your mind freely by thinking positively and by eliminating the distractions that can affect your relaxation. Think of the ways you want to do in order for your goals to be in process and have a good results thereof. If you want to be relaxed, you can just sit down or lay down on your bed, close your eyes and play gentle music in order for your mind and body to be relaxed. Imagine each part of your body in turn and as the music calm your nerves and strengthen your muscles. If you are completely relaxed, imagine that you are standing somewhere move your body into several directions and feel that you are into a dance workshop, gym or a place where you want to go to be exercised and pretending that you are getting slimmer.

If you keep on having this relaxation half an hour every day, you can motivate yourself by stop liking snacks and fatty foods. Try to imagine that you are given an opportunity to open a door and as you open it someone wants to talk to you. And as you go nearer, it is your “conscience” telling you some of the things that can motivate you in order to attain a healthy body. And as you tell yourself, “As I eat healthy foods it can strengthen my body and muscles”, “I will no longer eat oily foods and high calories”, “I will exercise everyday and wake up early in the morning”, “I feel more confident and I will lose weight easily”.

In reality, it is not that easy to burn some fats and lose weight but if you are determined and you know to yourself that you can do it, nothing is impossible to happen. Possible things happen if you believe in yourself and bringing yourself into the right path of life which can be a great way to turn your imaginations to reality. Why losing a weight makes a way in changing your lifestyle? It is because you can do more if your body is in the right condition and if you are healthy. If you are healthy, you can prevent sickness and feel great all the time. You can do work on specific time to avoid stress and have a good plan of schedules in order to achieve your goal being a better you. Motivating yourself is a great way on how you can do well on things you want to achieve. Set your time and goal every minute and every hour. By practicing this kind of self hypnosis, there is no need to have a diet or by having a workout because you can just focus on your goals and be motivated as you see yourself on your imagination in a healthy condition having a slim body and by applying it into the reality. So it is the time to change your life: Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss!