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17 Nov 2012 I'm trying to set up imessage on my iphone 3g. the instructions that I found on the web are really clear but if I go in my settings > messages , I Absolutely pointless though, iDevices that do not get iOS upgrades are because they are already way past their prime. Example: iPhone 3G Can I get iMessage working on an old iPhone 3G? Is it possible somehow using a jailbreak? Was hoping to use the 3G as an iPod touch (no iMessage requires iOS 5 or 6. I tried jailbreaking my iPhone 3G with whited00r 6 because it downgrades the iPhone to iOS 3. The iPhone 3G With iMessage you can send texts, photos, videos, locations and contacts to other iPhones and To use iMessage, you'll need to be running iOS 5 or above. 5 Jan 2012 I was wondering if there is anyway of getting imessage on 3g ebacuse we cant upgrade so i was wondering if there if a cydia app or twick that Is there any way to use iMessages on an iPhone 3G? 4.2.1 is officially the latest supported version for the iPhone 3G, but you can supposedly install iOS 5 on it with Can I send an iMessage to a iPad user from my iPhone? This may or may not send to iMessage users using iOS, I will test this. Screenshots are Core Design. Device: iPhone 3G; My Computer: Mac can you help me guys if i could use an iphone 3g on imessage. i'm not really familiar on iphone 3g. send your comments :) thanks :)

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