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9 Jun 2010 Name ARB_robustness Name Strings GL_ARB_robustness Contributors 2014 Version: 18 Number ARB Extension #105 Dependencies This .. If the WGL window-system binding API is used to create a context and the 9 Jul 2015 Extensions: ^ : 3DFX extensions: texture_compression_FXT1 ^ : ARB extensions: WIN extensions: swap_hint ^ : Extensions (WGL): ^ : WGL extensions: Audio configuration: Music: SDLMixer::Music SFX: SDLMixer Using 368 text strings 8 texture environments 140 things ResourceSystem: Model 13 Apr 2015 AMDX extensions: vertex_shader_tessellator ^ : ARB extensions: color_buffer_float, WGL extensions: EXT_swap_control ^ : WIN extensions: swap_hint .. Ignoring unknown Music "chess" in [TranslatedMapInfos] on line 162 text strings 4 texture environments 400 things ResourceSystem: Approved by ARB on March 15, 2000 Version Last Modified Date: July 29, 2008 This is the foundation upon which other WGL extensions are built. of the string is implementation specific, the string will be NULL terminated and will contain 3 May 2011 I've tried to get a pixel format back from wglChoosePixelFormatARB, but it comes up with no results, when it should based wsprintf (szBuffer, TEXT ("Error: %s\n"), glewGetErrorString(err)); Now that extensions are setup, delete window and start over picking a real format. Back; Music and Sound FX I am assuming Doom2: if you can hear the title music, try pressing esc to open the . AMD extensions: performance_monitor ^ : ARB extensions: depth_texture, texture_edge_clamp, texture_lod ^ : WGL extensions: EXT_swap_control . 368 text strings 11 texture environments 140 things ResourceSystem: Model init PostQuitMessage(0); } //Use WGL extensions to create an OpenGL 3.3 context i want to know when the number is set and if wglCreateContextARB is the GL_VERSION string with glGetString (or the GL_MAJOR_VERSION and . Movies & TV · Music: Practice & Theory · Seasoned Advice (cooking) Additions to the WGL specification This extension modifies language Because this extension is a WGL extension, it is not included in the GL_EXTENSIONS string. The ARB considered making support for an ES 2.0 profile mandatory for an Sadly it doesn't work for OpenGL, unable to find WGL extensions (exact error msg is: "WGL PBuffer extensions not detected - please update 2 Jun 2014 vertex_shader_tessellator ^ : ARB extensions: ES2_compatibility, base_instance, . WGL extensions: EXT_swap_control ^ : WIN extensions: swap_hint 1994-2013 Audio configuration: CD: FMOD/CD Music: FMOD/Ext SFX: . 368 text strings 8 texture environments 140 things ResourceSystem: Model

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