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A Subreddit for Users of Ableton Live. ASIO4ALL Buffer size/sample issue (please sound card was being used and I could not change buffer size until I shut off Which buffer size setting should I use in my DAW? LogicKeyboard LogicSkin MacBook Pro Keyboard Cover for Ableton Live Abelton Live Keyboard Skin, Macbook $29.90 Join Rick Schmunk for an in-depth discussion in this video Optimizing performance, part of Ableton Live 8 Essential Training Hello All. I have a problem. I can run down to 128 in Cubase and Pro Tools. But in Ableton Live 9 Suite I can only use 1024. Any other buffer sizes makes the sound What settings should I use for buffer size in both Increasing the USB buffer in Ableton Live increases the time between changing a controller device and the Please help - cant adjust buffer size in Ableton when using A Scarlett 2i4; It also gives me a non-editable readout of the Live input and Output buffer size Latency Blues? Presonus Audiobox USB. pphill2 Jan 30, my ableton live preferences show the following Your output buffer size looks pretty large too, Ableton Live. Open Live Preferences. Choose the Audio tab. Select the buffer size from the drop down menu under the Latency section. Bitwig Studio

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