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Unlike regular blog site postings dealing with Options, Ethics, and Consequences - my subjects as a professional inspirational speaker - it appeared suitable today to mention my complete healing from prostate cancer hoping that it might help others who are confronted with choices on prostate cancer treatment.

Discovering I had prostate cancer at the age of 47 was nearly a mishap and certainly not something that in any method I expected. I had no symptoms - none whatsoever. In layperson's terms, everything seemed to work fine. So the discovery of prostate cancer was quite unintentional. It appears I had actually gone to my doctor simply requesting a tablet (propecia - a drug to decrease loss of hair). She required I have a blood test, as this drug would have an effect on my PSA. Honestly, all that was greek to me ... as I didn't understand what PSA was and had never had it examined. I hated needles - had constantly said I disliked them - thus I avoided being stuck as much as I could. But on this day in November 2004 I decided to start - have my blood checked - and get the prescription.

Two days later on I got a call while out of town saying that all the laboratory work was great except that my PSA was a bit raised - it was 4.58 and for someone my age that was high. My physician referred me to a Urologist. The consultation was set.

Naturally I had some issue, however after all, all the plumbing appear to work great and I had no signs, so certainly there was no problem. The Urologist's test was routine - in fact he stated he believed I had absolutely nothing to stress about as he felt absolutely nothing abnormal. To be on the safe side he arrange a biopsy. Being fearful of needles (and a biopsy is the supreme needle) I asked if it would harm. His reaction, "A lot of males do not truly feel a thing." That was a lie! Recalling, I would have requested for excellent drugs as that was the most uncomfortable experience I can recall.

A number of days following the biopsy I got the results. Prostate Cancer! I had a Gleason score of 6 and 30% of one side of my prostate was malignant. My heart sank as I got the news. How could I, a 47 year old healthy male, without any other medical problems have prostate cancer? And, how incredible that it was captured by an easy test that my well versed female medical professional needed. Looking back, her diligence saved my life.

What next?

My local medical professional wished to schedule surgery right away. He said I had 4 options: (1) Radical prostotectemy (conventional surgery); (2) Radiation; (3) Hormone treatment and/or (4) View and wait. Once again, he recommended surgery. My instant question was the number of of the surgeries that he was recommending did he do weekly or monthly. The number was low. In the back of my mind I believed, "Hum, perhaps I need somebody who isn't so surgical treatment pleased and who does this fragile removal regularly." I was like discovering to play golf - I would prefer to find out from someone who plays daily than gain from a weekend hacker. Perhaps that example seems extreme, however after all the choice made would have lasting and extensive results.

Following the conference with the Urologist, and after informing my family (who believed I was joking), I invested some time in research. Thing I discovered - based on my diagnosis - I had time to consider thoroughly my options. Not that nothing should be done, but I didn't have to rush into any rash decisions. Prostate cancer normally is slow in it's development. CARE - do not utilize my experience as a crutch to avoid treatment (I saw my father-in-law die from problems from prostate cancer), rather, seek proficient medical aid in making your treatment choices.

Alternatives Thought about:

Enjoy and wait. Well for numerous months I did simply that. I researched - altered my diet plan - considered the possibility that