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Now that you are finally able to obtain rid of those blasted pimples, you will be dealing with yet another issue - acne scars. This can make a person extremely stressed if they do not have all the realities. You have most likely heard rumors that acne scars are long-term and can not be treated.

Honestly, extreme cases of acne scars are really tough to handle. To eliminate them, numerous sessions of sophisticated treatment by your dermatologist are needed. For milder cases such as stainings and small skin bumps, it is usually adequate to utilize over the counter treatments.

When searching for the very best acne scar elimination cream, the following are the ingredients that you have to try to find:

Vitamin A

So exactly what can vitamin A, actually do for your acne scars? In fact, the result is not instant. However, once the outcomes surface, it will be long term. Vitamin A works by stimulating your skins natural ability of recover itself. By encouraging cell renewal, the old skin on the scars will be sloughed off.

Vitamin A typically takes the type of different compounds. For the best outcomes, you desire to try to find retinol. Among the kinds of Vitamin, Retinol is the purest. To recognize the others, they are the following: retinyl acetate, beta carotene, and tretinoin. Tretinoin is likewise great acne treatment but the associated adverse effects require it to be dealt with carefully.

Bleaching Ingredients

The next set of ingredients you desire to look for is lightening components. Your acne scar removal cream should consist of skin lightening ingredients since scar is usually visible just because of the high concentration of the darkening pigment melanin around it.

By suppressing melanin production and liquifying the ones that currently formed, whitening components can make acne scars look minimized and diminished. Ingredients you wish to try to find include camellia sinesis extract, vitamin c, glutathione, and sun blocks.


To facilitate faster skin renewal from Vitamin A, your skin has to eliminate the dead skin cell formation on the surface area. This is attained through exfoliation. A few of the most typical and safest exfoliation ingredients in the market include AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) and BHA (beta hydroxyl acid or salicylic acid).

These active ingredients work by removing dead skin cells and clearing out the dirt blocked in your skin's pores. And while there are individuals that might be allergic to these active ingredients, it is a rare case. These components are widely used for over the counter treatments.

Hydrating Ingredients

And for the very best acne scar removal cream to work its wonders, glutathione production your skin likewise has to remain in perfect condition all the time. You can do this by feeding your skin with the food that it likes best - hydration. However when purchasing hydrating products, prevent those which contain oil. Only choose water-based moisturizers.