Alternative pull up bar p90x

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31 Jul 2012 So, I bought p90x a while ago and did it for a couple weeks, long before I found mfp or I don't have any doorframe that can handle the pull up bar or using a . I know it's not AS good as a pull up but is that a good substitute? Well Asylum is coming out and I plan on doing a P90x/Asylum rotation (with a bit of kettlebells sprinkled in) and need a pullup bar alternative. I know you can do the resistance bands as an alternative. But what if you do not have the attachment for the bands. I have a pull up bar, but I have to use a chair 17 Dec 2014 So I want to start P90x. Pretty out of shape I'd say. I can do pushups and such, but probably can't do a pullup(maybe 1). I about 210-215lbs at I just started P90X but the door frames are not far enough from the ceiling to fit the P90 type pull up bar. I thought about installing one inside the 7 Jan 2011 I don't have a pull up bar or the resistance bands. I would buy one or the other, but I don't really have a place to hang either in my living room. There is one 28 Jan 2015 Pullups are one of the best exercises you can do. While P90X requires a pullup bar, there are many alternative exercises available to get the The chest-and-back workout, for example, requires you to use a pullup bar for two exercises, but you can easily do variations with exercise bands as well. 17 Jan 2016 P90X requires minimal equipment but, does call for a chin-up bar. A standalone pullup and dip station is the choice in most gyms, but for the

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