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Located on the southern-most tip of Africa, South Africa has long been a popular tourist destination for thrill-seeking travelers. The popularity of this travel destination can certainly be attributed to its diversity in climate, geography and culture. Since being featured the 1966 Bruce Brown film The Endless Summer, Africa has become a popular surf destination. Cape Town and other cities offer the big city experience for the interested traveler. However, what South Africa is best known for, is big game viewing available in few sports other than on the African Safari.

Most of the appeal of visiting South African is adventuring into the African Safari to view and experience big game up close. The thrill of being within a few meters of some of the largest and most impressive animals on the planet in their own habitat is enough to draw visitors from around the world. A single day on the trails of just about any animal reserve can yield sightings of several species unique to this part of the world.

What to Expect from an African Safari

Depending on the season and location of your tour, the wildlife you can encounter will vary. Take a tour through the safari by Jeep, train or even on foot for the ultimate wildlife experience. Giraffes, Zebras, elephants, leopards, buffalo and hippos are just a few species common to the safari. On rare occasions, animals like the African Lion and Wildebeest will appear within sight. What makes taking a South Africa safari such a rewarding experience is that, along the way, youll certainly be introduced to several species, both large and small, that youve probably never seen or heard-of.

Staying Safe in South Africa

Despite the thriving travel industry, South Africa is not the safest of all travel destinations. A high crime rate makes many parts of South Africa less then ideal for traveling alone. Its recommended that tourists traveling without guides follow the following precautions:

* Do not wear expensive jewelry or carry large sums of money

* Always be aware of your surroundings

* Do not accept offers from strangers

* Travel with a tour group, when possible

An African Safari adventure is a once in a lifetime experience for most travelers. And most others will never experience or even consider taking a trip like this because its so different from the typical beach-resort vacation they are used to. The safari experience is reserved for the adventurous traveler, the one who seeks a little adventure during their escape from a 9-5 existence and the one who understands that the true value in this type of travel is the education and memories that youll leave with and have for the rest of their lives.

By: Enid Glasgow

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