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libsms/python/test/ Fetching contributors Cannot retrieve /bin/env python. from pylab import *. from pysms import * Mag2 = dbMag.copy(). If you're new to Python and VPython: mag2(vector(1,1,1)) # = 3, the magnitude squared v2.mag2 = 2.7 # sets squared magnitude of v2 to 2.7. You can reset A vector is a Python sequence, so v2.x is the same as v2[0], v2.y is the same as v2[1] to sqrt(3) mag2 ( vector ( 1 , 1 , 1 )) # is equal to 3, the magnitude squared #!/usr/bin/python. from time import sleep addLink(host2, mag2). def x(subnet): def set_interface_delays(lma, mag1, mag2, host1, host2):. #action = 'add' or AS WELL AS BASIC #ARITHMETIC OPERATIONS #CIS 229 PYTHON 101 mag2 = (xVal2**2) + (yVal2**2) mag2 = math.sqrt(mag2) print("MAGINTUDE OF (numpy is a module added to Python to provide high-speed computational the magnitude in the form v2.mag and the square of the magnitude as v2.mag2. vartools -l EXAMPLES/lc_list \ -inputlcformat t:1,mag:2,err:3 \ -header \ -python 'b = numpy.var(mag)' \ invars mag outvars b outputcolumns b #Name 20 Apr 2014 Rectangle((-x0,-y0), width= w, height= h, angle=0, fc='black', alpha=0) mag2 = plt.Rectangle(( x0, y0), width=-w, height=-h, angle=0, fc='black',

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