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Linksys and also Westell broadband net routers primarily utilize this IP address; although numerous various other brand names as well as tools might too. Da un punto di vista prettamente pratico l'indirizzo ip è importante perchè una volta digitato nella barra degli indirizzi del nostro internet browser ci permette di raggiungere la pagina di configurazione del nostro router (quanto meno nella stragrande maggioranza dei casi; nel caso questo ip non funzioni l'alternativa più usata è ).
I suggest 2 Desktop computer computer are linked on a hub and i gave two different class address ( for one pc, for another). yet i cant ping one what should i do now to obtain the issue solved.i should make the different LAN on a solitary hub for my thesis please if any person understand then reply.looking ahead to learn through you.
192.168 ll admin 'm unclear on this myself, however I think that 8 will certainly deal with anything on the 192.168.1 network. 16 will enable anything starting with 192.168. and 24 will certainly permit anything beginning with 192.
If your broadband router has as an IP address, you could access your network's arrangement software program or administration interface by going to in order to fix common problems here or arrange modem and router settings for wired and wireless networks.
As an example, claim your VPN router's IP address is Any tool linked to it will have an IP of 192.168.2.x, so we want all efforts to attach to 192.168.2.x to be sent to the VPN router (which currently has an open firewall for such links).