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Grand Theft Auto V Review - Gameinformer. I'm already bored of the game and returning it for PES 2015 in a bit. * It's not bad, but it's exactly the same. And after playing Forza & Forza Horizon 2, I can't stand the driving in this game. Game Informer's GTA 5 Issue Free For Tablet Users - Grand Theft Auto news brought to you by So what does the Grand Theft Auto V article by Game Informer reveal? Plenty! Here's a quick list: Biggest world in the series' history. Aaron Garbut says it is larger than RDR, GTA IV, and SA combined including interior spaces - that's friggin' big! Rockstar drops the mic on this generation of games. Read our review of the masterly Grand Theft Auto V. A Facebook post on Game Informer Australia's official page spotted by a user over on hints at a Gamescom reveal. Could it be GTA 5, or is that just wishful thinking? The post, which claims that Game Informer Australia would usually have uploaded its upcoming cover by now, explains More Gta 5 news from Game Informer.. - posted in GTA V: Character progression has a flow but there isnt an overarching narrative that culminates in a definitive conclusion The aim of GTA Online is to do whatever it takes to get more money in the bank and accrue assets such as cars and real GTA V GameInformer Discussion (11/8, 12PM EST) Gaming Discussion Originally Posted by InaudibleWhispa. To be fair, it's not just a magazine article it's the first real unveiling of GTAV. GTA 5 - All the Game Informer details. Damn no wonder ts taking them 5 years to go from GTA 4 to GTA 5. RS take heir time to make excellent games Can't wait day one already pre ordered. Now just waiting for a collectors edition announcement PS: It's finally here! After weeks of waiting, Game Informer's coverstory on Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto is now officially out. According to Game Informer, their December issue for Grand Theft Auto 5 will be 18 pages long and will introduce the game's three main protagonists. The cover art for GameInformer's highly-anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5 feature story has been revealed. Set to officially debut later today (around 2pm Central Time), the 18-page feature will "introduce the three main protagonists, discuss the groundbreaking way you use them, and explore the The official YouTube channel for Game Informer, the world's #1 video game magazine featuring news, previews, and review coverage for all of your favorite sys The official YouTube channel for Game Informer, the world's #1 video game magazine featuring news, previews, and review coverage for all of your favorite sys What is GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto 5)? Grand Theft Auto V is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. We already showed you what Game Informer's Grand Theft Auto 5 cover looks like, we also know that there will be three protagonists in the game. Game Informer Review: Grand Theft Auto IV: If you thought that the previous Grand Theft Auto titles offered an amazing level of freedom, Long story short, I never thought I would see this much content in a game. Grand Theft Auto IV doesn't just raise the bar for the storied franchise;

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