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Since a young age, we are told about the many harmful effects of smoking and why we should stay away from it, but as we grow older, we find that a majority of people are addicted to it beyond redemption. This stems from the fact that cigarettes are a huge source of revenue for the government, and try as they may, they cannot cover up the fact that cigarettes provide huge income for them. It is for this reason alone that smoking will never be banned by the government in spite of so many people getting afflicted by its effects.

Lung cancer and mouth cancer are some of the biggest dangers of smoking, and a single cigarette contains thousands of harmful chemicals. There are very few people who can actually recognize the dangers involved, and quit it altogether. Even though approximately 480,000 people die due to it every single year in the United States alone, the number of smokers just keeps rising online home based business and people do not stop smoking. It is not only the smokers who get affected, but also the non-smokers who get affected due to inhaling of secondhand smoke. Let us first see what causes people to start smoking.

Why Do People Smoke?

When we speak of smoking, we generally refer to cigarettes, but there are many other substances that are smoked and are dangerous to the human body as well. As we all know, cigarettes contain the very harmful substance known as nicotine, and this causes irreversible damage in the long run. To get to the bottom of potential causes, one needs to understand the basic psychology behind people taking up this habit. The problems of teen and women smoking cigarettes is also something that needs to be addressed in a responsible manner.

Here are some of the most commonly seen causes.

Peer pressure. This is the biggest reason why teenagers start with it.

Feelings of stress and fatigue. The nicotine certainly makes one feel relaxed, but this comes at a painful price of addiction.

Growing up in a house or environment where people regularly smoke.

Experiencing a total lack of discouragement against smoking.

Ignorance about all the associated disadvantages and risks.

Getting to the bottom of why people smoke cigarettes is something that can only be understood completely by understanding the nature of the individual. Different people have different reasons why they take up this habit, and to make a universal make money now list is virtually impossible.

Effects of Smoking

Here are the effects of smoking cigarettes, and needless to say, most of these pose a real danger to how to earn money from home the health and well-being of an individual.

Rise in blood pressure and heart rate.

The person may experience dizziness and nausea for a short or long period of time after smoking a cigarette.

The person will experience a considerably lower appetite.

The sense of taste and smell of the individual will be affected as well.

The individuals eyes will start watering.

The blood circulation in the body will be easy ways to make money negatively affected.

Chronic coughing and shortness of breath will often be the easiest way to make money online experienced.

The cigarettes will leave a yellow stain on the fingers and teeth, and a black stain on the lips.

It weakens the immune system of the individual.

It also affects and weakens the overall fitness and stamina of the individual.

It makes a person appear older because of more visible wrinkles and lines on the face.

Increased risk of various diseases and disorders like heart attacks, coronary disorders, different kinds of cancer, respiratory tract infections, ulcers in the stomach, peripheral vascular disease, and emphysema.

All these effects should be enough to lead anyone to question their true motives behind it. It is also true that these effects affect people in different ways. It all depends on the number of cigarettes the individual smokes in a day, the amount of time he/she has been doing this for, the general health