Upload directory via sftp

File: Download Upload directory via sftp

sftp put options
sftp put -r invalid flag
couldn't canonicalise no such file or directory need cwd
sftp invalid flag r
sftp remove directory
psftp put directory recursive
sftp mput
sftp put directory recursive



13 Aug 2013 If you can connect to the machine using SSH, then you have completed Available commands: bye Quit sftp cd path Change remote directory to 'path' One familiar tool that is useful when downloading and uploading files is Hello All, Is there a way to upload whole directories to a machine using sftp (scp is not an option)? I have to use sftp because the machine that I In this post, we'll run through the commands that will allow you to use SFTP to securely So for example to upload a file from the current working directory to the 25 Feb 2017 In this article, we will show you how to upload a local directory to remote Linux server or download remote directory to local machine using sftp: upload all files, directories and sub-directories contained in a folder . scp (secure copy) is the Linux de facto for transferring files over a Upload an entire directory to a remote sftp server. sftp-upload allows node to upload the content of a folder to a remote server utilizing sftp protocol. The idea For people actually wanting a direct answer to this question (instead of being told to use something other than sftp) And I want to send all files in that dir to a remote location: put [-Ppr] local-path [remote-path] Upload local-path and store it on the remote 30 Nov 2015 To upload a file to a remote host: Once you are pointing to the correct directory on the remote host, use the put command to copy a file from the local directory (on your computer). Type put local-path-to-file remote-path at the sftp> prompt, and then press Enter. The file is copied to the remote host.

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