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OK everybody, finally an overclock that works. Because, as both Black Box and cpu-z are live monitoring software, they are correct. Now, I have seen where cpu-z will read a c-50 as 4ghz, which would destroy my theory, 20 Jul 2013 If anyone would like to suggest various different overclocking related forums/blogs/websites Need help overclocking AMD C-50 Processor 1.0Ghz. (self.overclocking) K10stat program and the best guide on how to use it. Originally Posted by Robile3 View Post. If you can overclock The AMD C-50 or Radeon 6250 Please leave links / a tutorial or the programs you 20 Jan 2012 So, I got this Acer Aspire laptop for free. It have this horrible APU in it. I am thinking, "okay, will be fine for the wife and kids to use for the internet Hi Everybody!I need help with my second PC with the AMD C-50 CPU which is still stock and not Overclocked.It has got a 1.05-1.35 Voltage and could i. Hey guys, I just got an Acer Aspire One 522 with an AMD C-50 APU and was wondering if it is possible at all to overclock it, Any info would I used this program called Brazos Tweaker I was able to get my C-50 up to 3.9 GHz AMD C-50 and overclocking - I read the thread back a bit that there is no There are other programs that can change the clock speed on some I've never overclocked a machine before and I've heard bad things about it like it could break your computer if not done correctly or if you but the processor is a amd c-50 processor with only 1 ghz clock speed. My question is, is it possible to overclock this so that my saints row

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